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Assalamu 'alaykum.

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He did not care if she was heartless, vicious and vulgar, stupid and grasping, he loved her. He would rather have misery with one than happiness with the other. W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage (via fables-of-the-reconstruction)

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حاول ان يكون فعلك مطابقا لقولك وسلوكك مطابقا لدعوتك فإذا غلبتك بشريتك وهزمك هواك لحظة لا تيأس وانما استنجد واستصرخ ربك وقل:الغوث يارب يقل:لبيك عبدي و يخرجك بيده من ظلمة نفسك الى نور حضرته”

Try to make your actions harmonious with your words and your behavior the same as what you preach. If your human nature overcomes you and your desire defeats you for a moment, do not despair but ask for help and call to your Lord and say: “Your help, O Lord!” and He will say: “I am here for you, my servant” and He will take you with His hand from the darkness of your soul to the light that comes from being in His presence.

Dr. Mustafa Mahmud

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Never apologize for how you feel. No one can control how they feel. The sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. The rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. Feelings just are. Iain S. Thomas (via psych-facts)
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Seizure First Aid. 

Learn it. Share it. Know it. Use it. 

100% correct medical information on tumblr for once; also consider calling 911 if you don’t know how often the person has seizures and ESPECIALLY if the seizure has lasted 5 minutes or more (which is why the watch is critical)

This is so important!

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The worldly body is a prison for the believer, not because this life is miserable for the believing soul, but because that soul yearns to be somewhere greater. It yearns to be Home. No matter how wonderful this life is for a believer, it is a prison compared to the Perfect life that awaits them. This soul’s attachment is to God and the true paradise with Him. It wants to be there. But this worldly life is what keeps that soul from returning—for a while. It is the barrier, the prison.

Yasmin Mogahed

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It is only with one’s heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye. The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry (via abagofbooks)

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There are books that one reads over and over again, books that become part of the furniture of one’s mind and alter one’s whole attitude to life, books that one dips into but never reads through, books that one reads at a single sitting and forgets a week later. George Orwell (via abagofbooks)

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I really like how all bookstores or libraries are quiet. No one talks above a whisper. It’s like everyone is respecting and listening to the voices from the books. It’s truly magical. (via abagofbooks)

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Some people are born to make great art and others are born to appreciate it…It is a kind of talent in itself, to be an audience, whether you are the spectator in the gallery or you are listening to the voice of the world’s greatest soprano. Not everyone can be the artist. There have to be those who witness the art, who love and appreciate what they have been privileged to see. Ann Patchett, Bel Canto (via abagofbooks)

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There are times when wisdom cannot be found in the chambers of parliament or the halls of academia but at the unpretentious setting of the kitchen table. ― E.A. Bucchianeri (via psych-quotes)
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Buying a book is not about obtaining a possession, but about securing a portal. Laura Miller (via observando)

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Note to self: every time you were convinced you couldn’t go on, you did. (107/365)

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i promise that someday
i’ll buy you a place
where you can say “what a nice view”
and i’ll agree
while looking straight at you
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A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on. ― William S. Burroughs (via psych-quotes)

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